What's new in Angular 13.1?

Angular 13.1.0 is here!

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This minor version is out a week earlier, so we all have time to update before the end of the year break.

Typescript 4.5

Angular 13.1 now supports TypeScript 4.5. You can check out what’s new in TS 4.5 on the Microsoft blog.


The HttpContext class now has a new method has() to check the existence of a token in the context.

Note that the error() method that you can use in HTTP tests has a new signature: it now takes a ProgressEvent instead of an ErrorEvent (to align with what browsers do). You must now write:

const mockError = new ProgressEvent('error');

entryComponents removal

entryComponents has been deprecated since Angular 9 (check our blog post for more details). When updating to v13.1, a schematics will automatically remove entryComponents from your @Component and @NgModule if you still have some.

That’s all for the visible part of this small release. The team is still working hard though: View Engine code is getting chomped out of the codebase (you now have an error if you try to compile with VE), and the “strongly typed forms” experiment is making progress.

You’ll find more interesting features in our article about the CLI v13.1.0 release.

Stay tuned!

All our materials (ebook, online training and training) are up-to-date with these changes if you want to learn more!

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