What's new in Angular 12.2?

Angular 12.2.0 is here!

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This new minor version contains only a few features.


Forms are getting some love in this release, with the addition of the hasValidator, addValidators, and removeValidators methods. As you can expect, they allow to add and remove a validator or an array of validators to/from a form control, array or group. Until now, you had to remove all validators and reset them when you wanted to add/remove one, which was not great for fairly common use-cases like making a field required depending on a condition:

// if auto-refresh is enabled, then the frequency is required
this.activateAutoRefreshCtrl.valueChanges.subscribe((isAutoRefreshEnabled: boolean) => {
  if (isAutoRefreshEnabled) {
    this.autoRefreshFrequencyCtrl.setValidators([frequencyValidator, Validators.required]);
  } else {

You can simplify such code:

this.activateAutoRefreshCtrl.valueChanges.subscribe((isAutoRefreshEnabled: boolean) => {
  if (isAutoRefreshEnabled) {
  } else {

These methods have a version for asynchronous validators with hasAsyncValidator, addAsyncValidators and removeAsyncValidators. Note that the hasValidator/hasAsyncValidator methods works only with a reference to the exact validator function, sot this does not work for example:

this.autoRefreshFrequencyCtrl = new FormControl(10, Validators.min(5));
this.autoRefreshFrequencyCtrl.hasValidator(Validators.min(5)) // returns false

whereas this works:

const frequencyValidator = Validators.min(5);
this.autoRefreshFrequencyCtrl = new FormControl(10, frequencyValidator);
this.autoRefreshFrequencyCtrl.hasValidator(frequencyValidator) // returns true

The same goes for removeValidators/removeAsyncValidators as they use hasValidator/hasAsyncValidator internally.


The compiler now supports underscore as separator for numbers in template, as ES2021 allows for JavaScript. You can now write:

{{ 1_000_000 }}


It’s now possible to provide a RouteReuseStrategy via DI for the router testing module, whereas you could only use imperative instantiation previously. You can now write:

  imports: [RouterTestingModule],
  providers: [{ provide: RouteReuseStrategy, useClass: CustomReuseStrategy }]

That’s all for this release! You can check what’s new in the CLI for this v12.2 release in our other blog post.

The next one will be v13 near the end of the year, and will hopefully include a few things we’ve been waiting for: typed forms (yes, it’s happening!), and Angular packages already pre-compiled for Ivy (so ngcc will have much less work to do).

Stay tuned!

All our materials (ebook, online training and training) are up-to-date with these changes if you want to learn more!

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