What's new in Angular 11.2?

Angular 11.2.0 is here!

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Only three weeks went by since v11.1, so this is a very small release.

QueryList has a new option

You may know that, when using a @ContentChildren or a @ViewChildren decorator on a field, you can subscribe to the changes of this list. The weird thing is that you get a notification when the list is recomputed, even if it is the same list in some cases!

  <div *ngIf="show">
    <div *ngIf="false"> <!-- never displayed -->
      <ns-pony *ngFor="let pony of raceModel.ponies"></ns-pony>
  <ns-pony *ngFor="let pony of raceModel.ponies"></ns-pony>

If you have a template like this one above, and a component with a query to find all the PonyComponents:

@ViewChildren(PonyComponent) ponies: QueryList<PonyComponent>;

ngAfterViewInit(): void {
  this.ponies.changes.subscribe(newList => console.log(newList.length));

Then the log trace will be displayed if the first *ngIf condition changes, even if the the result of the query list is the same.

To avoid that, a new emitDistinctChangesOnly option has been added to the @ViewChildren and @ContentChildren decorators.

@ViewChildren(PonyComponent, { emitDistinctChangesOnly: true }) ponies: QueryList<PonyComponent>;

With this option, the subscription will not fire if the list is recomputed and hasn’t changed. You can add it to your queries as the default is false for now, but it will be true in the future (maybe in v12).

Compiler performances

Some projects saw a regression in their compilation times, maybe related to the new CLI pipeline. A workaround is to use NG_BUILD_IVY_LEGACY=1 ng serve, and the team is currently working on this issue (tracked here).

A plan has been established to improve the compilation times (tracked here). One feature landed in this release: if you change the template of a component, the rebuild (ng serve) should be faster, as the compiler is now smart enough to only check the template you changed. Indeed, you can’t break another part of the application when you just change the template of a component: you can just break this component.

We’ll hopefully see faster compilation times in the future releases.

You can check what’s new in the CLI for this v11.2 release in our other blog post. The next one will be v12.0, and it should include some new features, stay tuned!

All our materials (ebook, online training and training) are up-to-date with these changes if you want to learn more!

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