One trick for 3 times faster `ng test`

I know, the title sounds like a click bait. But it’s not, I assure you.

There is an issue in the Angular framework that leads to a memory leak in unit tests, which slows down the browser executing the tests, and results in looong ng test.

The issue has been around for quite some time, and will be fixed in the framework in a future version (maybe 11.x or 12?).

But in the meantime, this workaround can lead to 3 times faster tests. On the project I first tested it, 1631 tests went from taking 2min50s to 50s on CI (from 2min to 40s on my laptop) 🚀


In a CLI project, open test.ts and add the following lines:

import { ɵDomSharedStylesHost } from '@angular/platform-browser';

afterEach(() => {

And let us know how much faster is your ng test!


When we test a component, the framework inserts its styles in

So if you have hundreds or thousands of tests, your browser ends up with… thousands of style tags (2903 style tags in my case 😅)!

The issue was spotted 2 years ago, and someone offered a workaround that removes all style tags at the end of the test. But that leads to failing tests, as it also removes the global stylesheet, and not just the stylesheets of the tested components.

After investigating, I came to realize that we needed to call the service responsible for adding/cleaning the styles ourselves, like the framework should. It is a private API, as the ɵ indicates, but that’s fine as this is a temporary workaround.

It will be fixed in the framework when this PR lands.

But it is soooo nice to have faster tests that I thought it deserved a blog post until this is fixed 🤓.

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