Become a Ninja with Vue - our ebook to learn Vue 3!

We are super happy to release our new ebook and online training about Vue 3! 🚀

You know that we are Angular fans, but we also really enjoy Vue. Vue 3.0 is a complete rewrite of Vue 2.x. It brings first class TypeScript support, a new way of defining components with the Composition API, and tons of cool stuff. I have been contributing to the framework and the popular libraries of the eco-system for a while. I really enjoy it, and this ebook and online training contain everything I learnt.

As usual, you can pay what you want for our ebook 😊. You can also give part of the price to support the Vue team. The ebook is DRM-free, available in all formats, and has an English and a French version.


We’re really excited to share our online training as well, the Vue Pro Pack, with 25+ exercises to build the Vue version of Ponyracer. You’ll get to build the application step by step, with the instructions, tests and solution provided in each exercise. Check out if you want to try the first exercises for free!

Vue 3.0 is not stable yet, but as we did for our Angular materials, we’ll keep everything up-to-date and add new chapters/exercises with the new releases. And all updates will be free of course!

As more than a thousand people already enjoyed our Angular Pro Pack, but some could not afford it, we decided to set the price of our Vue Pro Pack to 99€ for an unlimited personal licence. And, of course, teams get a discount when buying several ones.

And to celebrate the release, we decided to also lower the price of our Angular Pro Pack to the same price of 99€. So this is good news for both the Angular fans and the Vue curious.

Take care in these tough times. We hope you’ll enjoy discovering and learning Vue 3 as much as we did ❤️.

become a Ninja with Vue 3

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