Buy more Angular online trainings for less money

We added a nice little feature to our ebook/online training sales platform: you can now buy more licenses at the discounted price you would have paid if you bought all of them at once!

For example, you bought 5 licenses at 686€ (because this is the discounted price for 5 licenses, instead of 995€). Now the rest of the team also wants to learn Angular, so you need to buy 5 more licenses to have 10. Until now it would also have cost you 686€ for these 5 extra licenses. But now it only costs 509€! Why 509? Because the discounted price for 10 licenses is 1195€, minus 686€, what you already paid, gives 509€!

You just have to buy with the same email you used previously, and the discount will be automatically applied. Or you can add licenses from the team management section you usually use to give licenses to your team members.

And it works even if you bought only one license until now: the second one you buy will cost you only 122€ instead of 199€!

Check out our ebook and online training to lean more.

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