What's new in Angular 8.2?

Angular 8.2.0 is here!

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All hands are on deck to fix Ivy remaining issues, so not a lot to say for this 8.2 release 🙃. But let’s try nevertheless!

TypeScript 3.5

Angular 8.2 now supports TypeScript 3.5! 🌈

You can check out out what TypeScript 3.5 brings on the Microsoft blog.

ZoneJS 0.10.0

ZoneJS is now part of the main Angular repository, and has also been released in version 0.10.0. You can check out the changelog here.

Ivy Template Type Checker

Ivy has a more accurate template type checker, able to catch much more errors in your templates. But the first iteration was generating errors looking like:

__ng_typecheck__.ts:930:14 - error TS2551: Property 'scoe' does not exist on type 'ScoreComponent'. Did you mean 'score'?

__ng_typecheck__.ts is not part of my application, it was just a big file generated by the compiler to check all the templates. The problem is that the error didn’t give any clue about where the error was…

Now, in version 8.2, we do have proper source location ✨!

src/app/shared/score/score.component.html(1,29): Property 'scoe' does not exist on type 'ScoreComponent'. Did you mean 'score'?

Which is obviously wayyyy better. If you encountered this in a previous attempt to use Ivy, you can give it another go.

All our materials (ebook, online training and training) are up-to-date with these changes if you want to learn more!

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