Our Angular Advanced training - from Ninja to Hero!

Angular is nearly one year old, and soon in version 5.0!

The first commit is now 3 years old, and we’ve been using it since the very beginning. We have taught the fundamentals of Angular to hundreds of developers in person, our ebook has thousands of readers, and our online training (Pro Pack) reached a few hundred more developers all over the world!

Along the way we have learnt quite a bit about Angular, its internals, its ecosystem and how to build better applications.

That’s why we are really happy to announce our new 2 days training: Advanced Angular: from Ninja to Hero!

This training goes beyond the fundamentals and is built for developers who are looking for more advanced topics and best practices.

To give you an overview, the training deep dives in:

  • dependency injection: hierarchical injector, why @Injectable, singleton vs several instances, how to share data in your application, the different types of providers and their use, @Optional, @Self, forwardRef;
  • observables: advanced operators and use-cases, best practices, how to test them;
  • advanced components and directives: lifecycle hooks, ng-content, @HostBinging, @HostListener, ViewChild, ContentChild;
  • testing: component tests, how to leverage dependency injection, asynchronous tests;
  • router: how to split your application in modules, lazy-loading, the traps to avoid with dependency injection, how to use guards and resolvers;
  • Angular internals: how does it work under the hood, change detection, zones, JiT and AoT compilation;
  • performance: change detection strategies, element tracking, the async pipe and its traps, how to escape Angular’s change detection;
  • internationalization: what’s i18n, how to build a multi-language application, best practices;
  • forms: nested forms, dynamic forms, build your own form component with ControlValueAccessor;
  • and a lot of tips on how to be ready for production, how to set up a continuous integration, etc.

This training also relies on our online training, the Pro Pack that you can buy with our ebook. We’ll go over some of the more advanced exercises of the “Pro Pack” so you can get your hands dirty with all these new concepts!

Oh, and, as always, the training is 30% cheaper if you are an independent developer, an open source committer, a conference organizer or if you are currently looking for a job. If you want to have more details, check out our website!

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