Our Angular Pro Pack is out!

Vous cherchez la version en Français ? C’est par ici.

To discover Angular, several thousands of you have read our ebook Become a ninja with Angular (thank you!). You may have noticed we spent a lot of time keeping it up to date with the tons of changes from the various betas and release candidates! All that for the price you decided, without DRM, in English and French, and with some ponies inside.

Thanks for all your feedbacks and amazing stories: it helps to know that this tremendous workload has been useful ;)

But we wanted to go further to share our experience in building modern JavaScript applications. An ebook is a great way to discover a topic, but it’s not enough to really master it. You have to experiment, test, read code and learn best practices. A great way is to follow a training, but we know that’s not always possible time-wise, location-wise, boss-wise or money-wise.

We came up with this idea to let you build a complete application step by step, an application that would be close to a real professional app (so… not a todo list…), but that would be fun enough (so… with ponies!). An application that would include components, services, routing, dependency injection, modules, http, websockets, lazy loading, authentication, forms, validations, performance tricks, production tricks, etc. And tests. Lots of tests. Because Angular makes it easy to have a great code coverage and to build robust applications. This application is Ponyracer (take a look)!

Purple pony

The Pro Pack lets you build Ponyracer, step by step, with more than 30 exercises, each dedicated to a specific topic. For each step:

  • we provide all the unit tests to validate 100% of your code
  • we provide you all the necessary resources
  • we provide you the instructions (in English or in French)
  • you have to complete the exercises (with the help of our ebook and resources)
  • you can submit your score with a tool we wrote (it analyzes your code, checks the quality, measures the completeness and submit the result to our platform)
  • you can check the ‘state of the art’ solution we wrote for each exercise
  • you can go to the next step and continue, or skip to whatever exercise you want, as we provide the full project ready to use for each step.

See the Pro Pack in action:

Pro Pack demo

You can check the Pro Pack platform at angular-exercises.ninja-squad.com and see the list of exercises by yourself.

We had nearly a hundred beta-testers over the past months, and they all have been ecstatic about it! As we regularly update the exercises (to keep up with the changes and new features in Angular) and add new ones, they often come back to see what changed, learn new tricks and how they can update their own projects.

The Pro Pack is really about gaining time and experience. It gives you an overview of everything you can do, how to test it and how to best implement it, in an always up-to-date fashion. If you complete the exercises, you will be able to tackle any project in Angular. I’m not saying that this will be an overnight process: you’ll have to spend several hours/days making your way through the Pro Pack. But we are really confident that what you’ll learn is way worth the money you’ll spend on the Pro Pack. The updates and new exercises will be free, of course.

Sounds interesting? It’s now available! Go buy it!

Oh and if you already bought the ebook, we have a nice discount for you! Just go to books.ninja-squad.com/discount to claim it! The offered discount will be slightly bigger than how much you gave, because we want to thank you for supporting us from the start.

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