Quizzie: quiz me if you can!

Quizzie has been discontinued in November 2018. 👋
Thanks to the few happy users. 💋

When we started Ninja Squad, we all agreed to have one day off every week. This day would allow us to test new frameworks, learning things, experimenting, building fun stuff. In our dreams, a great idea would come up from this free time, and we would eventually spend it together building the next big thing.

We followed that day-off rule from the start, but we must admit that we also spent it doing administrative tasks, preparing trainings, writing blog posts, etc. The next big thing isn’t there yet.

Or is it? :-)

Our trainees know that every chapter of our training ends with a quiz. We built a small JavaScript-only app to play these quizzes. But creating them is painful: editing JSON files containing well-formatted code is not the most pleasant thing to do. So the idea came up: why not create a web app to create, store and play these quizzes?

So we started.

And then we thought: why keep this app for ourselves? Surely other people might be interested in creating quizzes. Surely other people might be interested in playing them. We could build something cool, and learn things doing it.

And so we did.

It took some time. I started alone, but Cédric and Cyril ended up joining me in this effort. And now it’s usable.

So let me introduce… (drum roll)


What can you do?

You can play quizzes, for free.

You can contribute by creating quizzes about any subject you want, in English or in French, for free.

You can embed a quiz in your own web page or blog, for free.

You can keep your quiz private and use it in your trainings, with your colleagues or friends, for 1.5€: the price of a coffee.

You can use Markdown and thus embed images, code, quotes, etc. in the quizzes. You can also embed YouTube videos and Deezer track previews, if you like blind tests or want to provide a video explanation for your answers.

You can get statistics, and thus compare yourself to others, or know which questions of a quiz are easy and which ones are tough.

We have tossed up a stackoverflow-ish gamification sauce on top of all. So it should be fun!

Oh, and I forgot to mention: you’re not the product. No ads! And it works fine on phones and tablets, too.

Go try it!

Be among the first to join the Quizzie community, go test Quizzie on quizzie.io, and spread the news !

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