3D Pixel Art

As I love all the shiny new things, I wanted to try the voxel.js project, an open source game building toolkit by @maxogden. But, as I’m not a game designer, I settled to build our mascot Chuck using voxelbuilder, an online application where you use pixel blocs to build awesome pixel art. So here is what Chuck looks like!

3D pixel art

Another cool thing you can do is export the voxelbuilder models in STL file format (for Stereolithography, check the wikipedia article for more details) using a node.js library : ndarray-stl.

The STL file format is supported by many 3D tools and… Github! The awesome thing is that you can embed the models anywhere using :

<script src="https://embed.github.com/view/3d/<username>/<repo>/<ref>/<path_to_file>"></script>

You can see below how Chuck looks in a smoothed STL format. We’re now looking for a 3D printer to give a shot at printing him!

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